Backup Power

No business can function effectively without power. Computers, printers, switchboards, lighting etc. all contribute to a workable office/business environment.

We will design a suitable, cost effective system and scale it according to your needs.

Our Pure and Modified Sine wave Inverters are scalable and can be purchased and installed as your budget allows. The initial cost of Inverters, are higher than those of a generator, but the expense of fuel, services and replacement parts on a generator will be more costly in the long run. Inverters are quiet and switch over immediately, where generators are noisy and take a few seconds at best to kick in, meaning all your computers and electronics have to re-boot. With a properly installed inverter system, you won’t even realise that Eskom has failed you once again.

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Solar Power

Volton offers systems and services to ultimately power your establishment totally Off-Grid. The value added to your business is enormous and will set you apart from your competitors. No costly fuel, generator maintenance, noise or fumes to be concerned about. Besides contributing to a better environment, Solar Power is the trend of the future.

Our PV (photo voltaic) systems are scalable and you can expand your system as your budget allows.

Should you be the owner of a complex/shopping centre where you have multiple tenants renting from you, you can install inverter solar systems that will make you 100% independent from Eskom (and load shedding!) and you will be able to re-sell the free electricity from the sun to your tenants. Meaning you can pay for your solar system in a few years’ time and make a profit from the sun’s power for a lifetime after. Best of all – these types of permanent Installations can be financed by taking out a second bond on your property.

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