There are many variants of inverters suitable for a home. Many people just jump in an buy an inverter according to the specifications and price offerings. This is where apples are compared to onions. Many online stores offer great deals and some even offer FREE batteries. When you really investigate you may find that he FREE Batteries are cheap, low capacity ordinary Lead Acid Batteries that will last only 15 to 30 minutes providing some low grade electricity that may be harmful to your appliances.

MKIIIWe’ve see many of these so called “Bargains” and these online shops spend thousands on Google Ads to promote their inverter sales. It should not be left up to the man in the street to package his own inverter system unless he/she has qualified electrical experience or education. They often end up spending way more than what was necessary just to get a system that is by no means comparable in performance and longevity that what a professionally packaged system can deliver.

Improper battery care, charging and float charge maintenance is vital to battery life. Batteries are the single most expensive item in an inverter system, or so it should be, to have a durable, reliable power backup system. there are batteries and then there are batteries. Deep Cycle Batteries are what is the industry standard for inverters suitable for home use. They offer the best compromise between cost and longevity and performance. Good Inverters are designed with the main objective of battery life. Inverters have overload protection, low voltage cut-off protection, float charging capability, and fully charge stage maintenance. They will also not let your batteries go below the minimum sustainable voltage or 50% DOD (depth of Discharge) Inverters allowing batteries to get discharged below this state will dramatically shorten their lifespan and cycle count.

IMG-20150702-00346Slapping together a DIY inverter system without the necessary knowledge and experience may be a costly costly experience. We at Volton Power have spent many months, weeks and days testing and evaluation various inverter systems, batteries and charge controllers in many combinations and eventually came up with an inverter system that will not disappoint. It will give you years of trouble free service and sill not fail. We offer a one year factory warranty on all our products because we know that only the best was selected.

Our PowerStash MKII is our flagship inverter system and we recommend it as the best home backup power to have for when Eskom starts Load Shedding. You can buy your very own system and end the suffering of power cuts and loads shedding by going here.