July 2015

What will work on a PowerStash?

By |2015-07-13T12:35:26+02:00July 13th, 2015||

Lights, TVs preferable Flat screens as they use less power, Hi-Fi, Computers, Laptops, Internet Routers, Roof and Standalone Fans, Fridge and Freezers younger than 10 years, preferably those with energy star ratings. Garage and gate motors, dishwashers in [...]

What should I NOT connect to the PowerStash?

By |2017-01-10T13:07:55+02:00July 13th, 2015||

This solution is a backup solution meant to power essential equipment in case of a power disruption. Running your Pool, Air conditioner, Electric Heater, Jacuzzi, Tumble dryer, Electric Kettle, Micro Wave oven, Stove hob and Oven, Hair salon [...]

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