Rent to Own

Introducing rent-to-own options for solar clients! Spread the cost of your solar system purchase over a longer period, ranging from 60 to 84 months. With rent-to-own, you can offset the cost of electricity by reallocating those funds toward the rental premiums. This flexible solution is ideal for both residential and commercial solar power systems, offering affordability and sustainability in one package.

Mortgage Finance
Mortgage financing offers homeowners a gradual path to acquiring a solar system without a significant upfront expense. With this option, you can pay for the system over the lifespan of your mortgage bond, gaining ownership from the outset and adding value to your home. Banks support solar financing through mortgage bonds, reducing your monthly premiums and providing a better offset against your electricity bill.

Cash Purchase

For clients with means, a cash purchase offers optimal solar investment. By avoiding interest payments, buyers achieve long-term savings and faster ROI. Immediate ownership ensures full control, while incentives enhance financial benefits. With no loan terms, cash purchase provides unmatched financial freedom, maximizing energy-saving potential.