Backup Power

Volton offers customized backup power solutions for the residential home owner and office environment where permanent installations are required. These types of installations add value to your investment and will make the resale of your property easy and more profitable.

We will assess you requirements, design and quote for a suitable system to ensure your home or office remains fully or partially powered in the event of power outages.

By splitting the AC Distribution Board and providing power to essential appliances, computers, CF Lights, TV’s and decoders, and also power-sharing between geysers, swimming pool pumps, stoves etc. you will be amazed at the cost effectiveness of this solution.

We can provide solutions on pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters, depending on your requirements.

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Solar Power

PV (Photo Voltaic) systems are customized for every need and is a cost saving requirement in these tough economic times. Our systems enable you to keep your utility supply only as a backup in extended poor weather conditions. Savings of up to 100% are possible and quite likely.

We offer scalable solutions which you can develop over time, to such a point where utility power is no longer required and is mainly kept as a backup during extended bad weather periods. South African Weather conditions are well suited and can provide up to 8 Kwh of PV electricity per day.

These installations, albeit costly, can reach a break even point in as little as 5 to 7 years.

Best of all – these types of permanent Installations can be financed by taking out a second bond on your home (similar to financing a swimming pool or home alterations).

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