PowerStash MKII

How it Works


Lay By is generally a well accepted method of buying those items that a person needs but simply just cannot afford to buy once off. It is interest free and lets you pay for it over a time period that suits you and once payment is complete, it will be delivered to your address as stated on your order.

A 25 % down payment and you set the number of installments you can afford. You also set if your installments are to be made Weekly or Monthly. The choice is yours. Prior to each due payment, you will receive a reminder E-Mail so that you can make the next payment. All your payments are reflected in the “My Account” section on the Website.

You can also make payments more frequently as what is initially set.

At this time only the PowerStash MKII is available as a Lay By option.

How To Buy on Lay By:

  • Click here and then add the PowerStash MKII to your shopping cart. Select the “Recurring Pay” option and set your payment interval (Weekly or Monthly) and set the number of payments.
  • Next, update the cart and proceed to “Check Out”
  • You will be directed to Make a Direct Bank Transfer by using a unique Reference Number.
  • After Payment reflects in out bank account, it will show in “Your Account”
  • You can make more payments at will from “Your Account” to fast track Receiving your PowerStash MKII.