5.0Kva Hybrid Inverter Backup System (Lithium)


1 x 5.0Kva Hybrid Inverter System with 5,2Kwh Lithium Storage with built in BMS (Battery Management System)



The Installation includes:

5.0KVA Backup (Parallel Coupled 5.0Kva)Hybrid Inverter with Built-In MPPT Solar Charge Controller for later possible upgrade to Solar. 1 x Kodak FL5,2 Lithium Battery Packs totaling 5,2KwH, all Cabling, Wring, Circuit Breakers, Heavy Duty Fuses and DC Isolators for a fully functional seamless power backup solution to provide power to the lights and essential plug points during loads-hedding and unscheduled power failures. Connections Excluded: All Circuits other than plugs & lights, i.e. Geysers, Stoves, Aircons etc. These exclusions will be connected once solar is added as an option.

The installation includes testing, commissioning and demonstration as well as the issuing of the Supplementary Certificates of Compliance. A three year Inverter and workmanship Warranty. A Ten Year Warranty on the Kodak FL5,2 Lithium Battery Packs


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