The Solis 14 MPPT inverter is for large scale Ground mounts or roof tops

Product Features

  • •Maximum 28 strings input, support 200% DC/AC inverter load ratio
  • •Nighttime SVG function
  • •IP66 rated
  • •Integrated DC switch
  • •High precision intelligent strings monitoring, reduce fault location time
  • •Built-in AC and DC lightning protection module, all-around lightning protection (Type 11)
  • •Has Anti-PID function, improve system efficiency
  • •99% Max. efficiency
  • •Fuse free design that is safe and maintenance free
  • •Wi-Fi monitoring available – plus access to Android and Apple apps

This is a high voltage inverter; they are priced based on specific project requirements. The price displayed is indicative only and you should contact your Account Manager for an accurate price. Please note that these utility inverters are NOT held in stock, they are Buy-to-Order.