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Your trusted source for comprehensive solar power for homes, in Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and across South Africa. Our mission is to empower homeowners with solar power for their Homes, Farms & Businesses, offering efficient solar systems and innovative backup solutions. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of load shedding and high electricity bills with our state-of-the-art solar and load shedding solutions. We’re dedicated to providing you with sustainable and cost-effective solar power for homes and ways to harness the power of the sun while ensuring you remain resilient in the face of power outages. Explore our range of solar products and services to transform your home into an energy-efficient haven.

Customer Installation Statistics

In the past year, Volton Solar has successfully completed numerous customer system installations, comprising of Power Backup Systems and Solar System Installations across South Africa. Our impact has been significant, delivering essential electricity solutions to over 320 highly satisfied customers nationwide, effectively addressing Eskom Loadshedding schedules and general power outages. Our commitment to exceptional customer care and support has earned us a pristine 100% satisfaction record.

Backup Systems Installed
Solar Systems Installed
Solar Panels Installed
Producing KWH Per Day
Saving KgCO2 Each Day

Tailored residential backup and solar solutions designed for each household, accompanied by flexible financing choices.

The financial success of any business relies on consistent power supply, and by incorporating solar energy, profits are even more sustainable.

Solar and backup power provide a dependable and cost-effective energy source for irrigation and agricultural machinery.

Ensuring uninterrupted productivity, our efficient industrial solar design guarantees year-round sustainable operational reliability for production.

Our Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey

Volton Solar recently conducted an anonymous survey, gathering feedback from our customers encompassing more than 320 installations across South Africa. The outcomes were genuinely remarkable, showcasing our outstanding performance and the authentic satisfaction of our valued customers – a true reflection of the high regard in which we hold them.

Definitely Satisfied
More Than Satisfied
Quite Satisfied
15 Years

Professional Technicians in the Solar Power Industry


A Certificate of Compliance Issued With Each Installation


Affordable Financing Options To Suit Your Budget


Technical Support & Performance Tuning

Superior Systems Designed And Installed By Volton Solar

What Our Customers Are Saying

Volton’s professional and efficient service has assisted us with effective alternative power solutions that has given us freedom to continue with our day-to-day activities without even checking the load shedding schedules. A fantastic company and one I recommend to anyone looking to get free of the mainstream power supply.

Melissa , Parkwood

Prior uncertainty concerns were soon allayed; we are delighted owners of a fully functioning Solar System with an output that exceeds our expectations. I recommended Volton to my neighbor and he is equally satisfied.  Based on our experience, will continue confidently recommending Volton to my friends, acquaintances and anyone considering installing a Solar system.

Tim, Waterfall Village

In these times of people not keeping their promises or turning up on time, it was a real pleasure to interact with Jannie. He came when promised, at the right time, did a good job, followed up when asked, and I am happy with the result! I no longer have electricity problems during load shedding. The changeover from one system to the other is almost instantaneous. What joy!

Moira, Melrose Arch
VOLTON SOLAR undertook professional and timeous installation of my Solar panels, inverter and battery. It was done in one day. I was particularly impressed with the Solar panels  attachments that did not compromise the roof structure. The inverter and battery are neatly arrayed as a very neat installation.
Neville , Krugersdorp
The Volton Solar Team first installed an inverter for me a few years ago, followed by a battery upgrade and then finally another upgrade to solar.  It has been a substantial and life-changing investment and they are consummate professionals.  I have been super impressed with his after-sales service and accessibility.  I highly recommend them – it will be a game changer as it was for me!
Julia, Linden
We have not looked back one day since Volton Solar installed our solar system. With all the power outages we have experienced we have not been inconvenienced ever again. Their installation was professionally done with no problems whatsoever. We have also saved a lot on our electricity bill.  Thank You, Volton Solar.
Elsa , Honeydew
Received absolutely fantastic service quality from Volton for the installation of solar at our clinic in Ngodwana – Mpumalanga. The system which was quoted on and installed is delivering exactly what was required to put us totally off the grid, Huge thanks to the Volton Solar Team.
Michael, Pine Town
I can say that the installation of 8 roof solar panels and associated inverter and battery, as well as the required wiring and connections was done very efficiently in one day. The standard of workmanship was excellent. This installation is working well and gives us uninterrupted power.
Digby, Waterfall Estate
In all my life, I have never-ever experienced such professional and uplifting, inspirational and outstanding service & after-service – absolutely unbelievable! What an absolute pleasure to work with people with exemplary work ethic who are proud of their level of service delivery and the quality of their work product! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your 10-STAR service! I truly appreciate it! The quality of my life has increased significantly through installing Solar and I am also able to provide uninterrupted on-line services to my clients. I HIGHLY recommend Volton Solar for all their alternative energy needs, throughout SA.
Leani , Boskruin
Power Assesment

We  conduct power assessments to ascertain the ideal size and layout of an Optimal System to meet your requirements.

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Complete Installations

We perform cutting-edge solar installations that surpass industry best practices and align with both SANS and NRS standards.

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System Design

Our skilled technical team will craft a tailor-made and cutting-edge solar power system to align with your needs and objectives

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Annual Maintenance

Volton Solar provides an annual maintenance agreements ensuring your priority support, both on-site and remotely.

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Panel Cleaning

For optimal solar production, regular panel cleaning is necessary but can be a burdensome task best left to us and do it correctly

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SSEG Registration

It is required that all rooftop solar panels are applied for, signed off and registered with either Local Municipalities or Eskom

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