Starting at R926 Per Month

Small 3.6kvA

  • Ideal for an Electricty Consumption of R850 per Month
  • Rent To Own R1,850/PM
  • Bond Finance R926/PM
  • 3.6kva Inverter
  • 3.8kwH Internal Lithium Battery Storage
  • 6 x 460Watt Solar Panels

Medium 5.5kvA

  • Ideal for an Electricty Consumption of R1,350 per Month
  • Rent To Own R2,480/PM
  • Bond Finance R1,270/PM
  • 5.5kva Inverter
  • 5.5kwH External Lithium Battery Storage
  • 8 x 460Watt Solar Panels

Large 8.8kvA

  • Ideal for an Electricty Consumption of R2,250 per Month
  • Rent To Own R4,210/PM
  • Bond Finance R2,160/PM
  • 8.8kva Inverter
  • 11kwH External Lithium Battery Storage
  • 12 x 460 Watt Solar Panels

Extra Large 12kvA

  • Ideal for an Electricty Consumption of R3,150 per Month
  • Rent To Own R5,830/PM
  • Bond Finance R2,970/PM
  • 12kva Inverter
  • 16.5kwH External Lithium Battery Storage
  • 16 x 460Watt Solar Panels

Super Large 16kvA

  • Ideal for an Electricty Consumption of R4,850 per Month
  • Rent To Own R8,160/PM
  • Bond Finance R4,170/PM
  • 16kva Inverter
  • 22kwH External Lithium Battery Storage
  • 24 x 460Watt Solar Panels

Powering South Africa with Solar & Backup Solutions

Experience the convenience and cost savings of solar power for your home or business with ease. Volton Solar offers accessible solar solutions at affordable rates, making it simple for every homeowner to harness the benefits. As one of the leading solar power installers in South Africa, we prioritize safety and reliability in every installation, backed by our reputable accreditation. With electricity supply becoming increasingly unreliable and costly, there’s no better time to begin. Explore our options today to secure dependable and cost-effective power for your needs.

Explore our Solar Solutions to Suit Your Needs

We understand that not everyone can afford the upfront costs of a solar installation. That’s why we offer the opportunity to offset your monthly electricity expenses by financing your solar system through a mortgage. By spreading out the cost over time, you can enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience. Additionally, many mortgage banks support our solar power offer by providing a bond equivalent to 15% to 20% of your home’s value, dedicated specifically to investing in solar energy. This not only increases the value of your home but also makes solar power a more practical and accessible option for you.

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