The New PowerStash MK-I

`MK-I-FrontAfter many requests for a smaller light weight purpose built unit to cater for gamers and general computer users, we decided that a smaller portable unit would be the order of the day. The requirement is exceptionally fast switch over speed and sufficient power to run ant computer for extended running times as opposed to general UPS’s. We are in the process of development and therefore we would like you to complete our poll here on the right.

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Our PowerStash MK-II and PowerStash MK-III is a bit of an overkill to use just as a backup supply for computers. These are generally used for TV, decoder, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), computers and many other electronic deices and appliances. The All New PowerStash MK-I is great for just computers, printers and internet connectivity from home or small businesses.

The PowerStash MK-II and MK-III is not portable and therefore has castor wheel on which it can be rolled around. The PowerStash MK-I is portable and can be used anywhere, even be taken on holidays. It is also great to be used in caravans and trailers. It should also offer a great backup power supply for mobile site offices.

`MK-I-BackIt is simple Plug & Play to setup. One simply plugs it into a wall outlet and then plug the computer/s and printer together with the internet connection modem and enjoy seamless power without any interruptions. When power resumes it requires no user intervention and everything runs as normal. Batteries are also maintained and conditioned for extended life span.

It comes complete with two 20AH Deep Cycle batteries to make it light enough for anyone to carry from location to location. Employees and Business People who work from home would find this extremely useful and beneficial.