Volton Financing

Volton Finance

Volton offers unique and affordable Financing options.

Our Financing options are designed to make back-up power products available to the low to average income earner, with-in their budget. Financing is approved almost immediately (profile dependent).

Home and Residential Financing

Volton has agreements in place to have your home backup power and solar installations financed through your current bond holder. In cases where there is no bond over your property, we can arrange a new bond in your favour. Most major banks see these installations as added value to your property and will treat it as such – as is the case with swimming pools, tennis courts or building extensions.

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Business and Commercial Rental

Keep your assets off-balance sheet. Most businesses would rather rent than own a depreciating asset. This option is also available for these applications. Only 6 months bank statements are required for renting of assets up to R2 Mil. No audited statements are required.

Once we have established your needs through our assessment strategy, financing may be considered as an option. Obviously we will need to calculate the total value of the installation, in order to apply the finance option. All financed installations must be maintained by Volton under a SLA (Service Level Agreement) giving you, the customer, total peace of mind.

Using Volton Rental methodology to fund your equipment requirements, is the best answer from a cash flow perspective. Keep your cash resources for income producing opportunities.

Why is Rental better than Lease?

No Deposit

A rental requires no deposit, absolutely no impact on cash flow.

Balance Sheet Benefit

A rental keeps those equipment assets with little intrinsic value off your balance sheet, thus avoiding the negativity of high gearing.

Simplest Process

The Volton Finance take care of all paperwork requirements, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Specialized Equipment

Most conventional banks and lenders shy away from transactions involving specialized or unusual equipment or machinery. We specialize in that.


Equipment rental is usually a cheaper option than conventional financing, call us now for a quote on larger transactions.

Lease Application

Volton is able to offer leasing solutions.

We have 3 specific areas of differentiation:

Volton can consider facilities for schools, including rural schools, which are typically difficult to fund. We have approval rates which are very high in this sector. Only 6 months bank statements and a credit application is required.

We can consider facilities for customers that do not meet the typical parameters set out by traditional funders. As an example, we are able to consider transactions for entities which have been trading for less than 3 years.

In addition, we are able to consider deals below R2 million without audited financial statements. Only 6 months bank statements and a credit application is required.

Lease Calculation